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Guatemala: Amnesty International's concerns after President Serrano's "autogolpe" (self-imposed coup)

, Index number: AMR 34/032/1993

There is deep concern at the measures announced by President Jorge Serrano Elias on 25 May 1993. According to information received, key provisions of the constitution were suspended, Congress dissolved, judges from the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court dismissed, and the rule of law replaced by rule by decree. Reportedly the Human Rights Procurator's Office and the Procurator's Office of the Public Ministry have been suspended, and attempts made to arrest certain government officials, including Human Rights Procurator Ramiro de Leon Carpio, Congressional President Jose Lobo Dubon, Supreme Court President Juan Jose Rodil Peralta, and the Acting Attorney General Edgar Tuna Valladares. Also Article 35 of the Constitution on freedom of expression has been suspended.

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