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UA 172/93 - Guatemala: grave threat to human rights: Ramiro de Leon Carpio, Jose Lobo Dubon, Juan Jose Rodil Peralta, Edgar Tuna Valladares

, Index number: AMR 34/030/1993

In the wake of President Jorge Serrano Elias' suspension of the constitution, dissolution of the congress and Supreme Court, and the assumption of rule by personal decree, there is concern at the unlawful attempts to arrest leading officials such as Ramiro de Leon Carpio, the Human Rights Procurator, Jose Lobo Dubon, the President of Congress, Juan Jose Rodil Peralta, the President of the Supreme Court, and Edgar Tuna Valladares, the acting Attorney General. This concern is aggravated by the suspension of offices concerned with human rights, such as the Human Rights Procurator's Office and the Attorney General's Office. There are also fears for the safety of all independent human rights organizations in the country.

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