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Guatemala: torture / death threats / fear of extrajudicial execution: Pablo Itzep Hernandez, Cruz Luz Hernandez, Manuel Baten Hernandez, members of the Consejo de Comunidades Etnicas "Runujel Junam" (CERJ), Council of Ethnic Members Communities "We are al

, Index number: AMR 34/027/1993

On 8 May 1993, the above men, campesinos (peasants) and members of the CERJ, were told they should accompany the commander of the military detachment based at Chiul, Cunen municipality, in the heavily indigenous department of El Quiche. When at the military post, the three men were reportedly interrogated under torture regarding their human rights activities. Members of their community, Xequiquel, which is in the hamlet of Chiul, who had made inquiries after them at the post, and the three men on their release were all threatened with death if they reported the incident.

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