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UA 153/93 - Guatemala: threats / intimidation: Gustavo Armando Estrada Quezada and his girlfriend Igrid Lucrecia Urrutia Aldana

, Index number: AMR 34/026/1993

Gustavo Armando Estrada Quezada is a student at the Commerce School of Guatemala, and a member of the CEEM, Coordination of Secondary School Students. His activities as a student leader have made him the victim of harassment since 1991. On 11 May Ingrid Lucrecia Urrutia Aldana was abducted by armed men, who told her to warn Gustavo Armando Estrada Quezada that he had 48 hours to leave the country, or he would be killed and his familly placed in grave danger. She was also warned to stay away from him, or she too would be killed. On 12 May unidentified individuals went to his house and asked to see him, apparently keeping it under surveillance and making threats to his family.

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