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Guatemala: Street youths Francisco Tziac Soc and Julio Cesar Reyes

, Index number: AMR 34/021/1993

AI is concerned about two recent incidents involving ill-treatment of street youths by members of the security forces. Both took place in Zone 1 of Guatemala City. On 22 April 1993 Francisco Tziac, aged 18, was shot by two Military Commissioners for allegedly trying to steal the wing mirror from their vehicle. He suffered a bullet wound to his left buttock. AI is concerned about the apparently excessive use of force in this incident by security personnel performing law-enforcement duties. Julio Cesar Reyes, aged 15, and another street youth were reportedly stopped by police while on their way to attend the anniversary mass for street child Nahaman Carmona Lopez. Julio Reyes was reportedly burned with a cigarette when he failed to produce identification.

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