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Guatemala: Targeting displaced people

, Index number: AMR 34/020/1992

Hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans, including many indigenous peasants, are believed to be currently "displaced" as a result of the conflict in the early 1980s or of alleged repression in later years. They and those working with them have themselves become a target of human rights violations by the security forces, who apparently view them with suspicion. This paper reports AI's concern about violations against members of CONDEG, the National Council for the Displaced of Guatemala, formed in 1989. Violations include the "disappearance" of Luis Miguel Solis Pajarito on 3 May 1990; the abduction of Santos Benito Baradona; threats and intimidation of Jose Jimenez and Lorenzo Perez Mendoza; and the killing of three CONDEG members in January 1992 in Huehuetenango.

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