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Guatemala: Further information on fear for safety: Felix Gonzalez, Debora Guzman Chupen (his wife), Julio Coj, Jose Gil and 49 workers of Lunafil S.A.

, Index number: AMR 34/014/1995

Workers at Lunafil S.A. textile factory in Amatitlan have reported that on 20 May 1995 Debora Guzman Chupen received a new death threat. this is the latest in a series of threats and other acts of intimidation against Lunafil trade unionists and workers which began in May 1994. In February she was abducted and told that she would be killed if she did not convince her husband, Felix Gonzalez, to stop his union activities. To date it seems that no inquiries into these acts have been initiated by the authorities.

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