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Guatemala: Fear of safety/torture

, Index number: AMR 34/012/2002

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Carlos Humberto Padilla, Porfirio Sánchez and Elio Hernández, who were reportedly illegally detained by agents of the Departamento de Operaciones Antinarcótics (DOAN), the department of Anti-Narcotics Operations, on the night of 30 January, when they were reportedly tortured. The men, except Humberto Orellana Sis who's whereabouts are unknown, are being held in Los Ocotes prison in Zacapa. On 29 January, more than 40 agents from DOAN raided the small hamlet of Chocón, Livingston, in the Eastern department of Izabal. They opened fire on the villagers, killing Abinail Cerna Castañeda and Leonel Haroldo Díaz Valenzuela.

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