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Guatemala: Guatemalan investigative journalist at risk

, Index number: AMR 34/007/2010

Guatemalan journalist, Marvin del Cid Acevedo, has received several death threats, after investigating corruption in public bodies.

UA: 146/10 Index: AMR 34/007/2010 Guatemala Date: 29 June 2010
Guatemalan journalist, Marvin del Cid Acevedo, has received several death threats, after
investigating corruption in public bodies.
On 24 June, Marvin del Cid Acevedo, a journalist at the national Guatemalan newspaper El Periódico, was
phoned by a neighbour to say that two women had just left his house. Marvin del Cid Acevedo did not have
anyone staying with him, so hurried back to his house and found it had been broken into. The door was
open and his wardrobe had been searched along with his archive of documents. His personal laptops had
been stolen, along with some money, and “you are going to die” “te vas a morir” had been written with a
black marker pen across the bathroom wall.
On 7 June, the day after his newspaper published a piece of his investigative reporting, Marvin del Cid received
two phone calls in which a male voice said “who is paying you son of a bitch?” “quien te esta pagando hijo de
puta?”. On 8 June he received another call, this time silent. On 29 June he received another silent call (although
he could hear faint voices in the background), which lasted 30 seconds before he hung-up.
In the last months, Marvin del Cid has been working on various investigations that have denounced corruption in
three separate public bodies. Additionally, he has been a witness in a judicial case against a high ranking
member of the security forces in a case relating to a death.
PLEASE WRITE IMMEDIATELY in Spanish or your own language:
calling for an independent, thorough and impartial investigation into the threats and acts of intimidation
against Marvin del Cid Acevedo and into the break-in of his house and theft of personal items including
information relevant to his work as an investigative journalist;
urging that the authorities take immediate steps to provide appropriate protection to Marvin del Cid
Acevedo, in accordance with his wishes.
Acting Attorney General and Head of
the Public Prosecutor’s Office
Licda. Maria Encarnación Mejía García
de Contreras
Fiscal General de la República y Jefe
del Ministerio Público
15ª Avenida 15-16, Zona 1, Barrio
Ciudad de Guatemala, GUATEMALA
Fax:+502 2411 9124
Salutation: Dear Attorney General /
Estimada Sra. Fiscal General
Minister of the Interior/ Ministro de
Lic. Carlos Menocal
Ministro de Gobernación
6ª Avenida 13-71, Zona 1,
Ciudad de Guatemala, GUATEMALA
Fax: +502 2413 8658
Salutation: Dear Minister/ Estimado
Sr. Ministro
And copies to:
El Periódico
15 Avenida 24-51 zona 13,
Ciudad de Guatemala
Fax: +502 2427 2361
Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country. Please check with your section office if sending appeals after
the above date.
UA: 146/10 Index: AMR 34/007/2010 Issue Date: 29 June 2010

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