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Guatemala: 35-point program to end impunity and human rights violations: Amnesty International recommendations to the Guatemalan authorities

, Index number: AMR 34/007/1997

The text of the 35-point program is taken from Amnesty International's main report: Guatemala: State of impunity (AMR 34/02/97) issued on 24 April 1997. It puts forward a series of measures to the Guatemalan authorities aimed at breaking the cycle of impunity. These include ensuring that those responsible are brought to justice, the prevention of further human rights violations, implementation of judicial guarantees, abolition of the death penalty, protection of human rights defenders, making reparation for the victims and the protection of returnees and the internally displaced. There are also recommendations to the international community on the need to guarantee respect for human rights and an end to impunity, on collaboration with the Historical Clarification Commission, and with regard to police and military training.

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