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UA 30/94 - Guatemala: death threats / fear for safety / possible extrajudicial execution: Threatened: Estela Nimajuan and her four children: Claudia Maria Colo, Guillermo Gonzalo Colo, Baudillo Colo, Juanito Colo; Killed: Juan Colo Pichol, Mario Colo Mart

, Index number: AMR 34/003/1994

There is concern for the safety of Estela Nimajuan, who is pregnant, and her four children, following the killing of her husband, Juan Colo Pichol. According to reports, on 25 December 1993, Juan Colo Pichol, who worked with the Human Rights Auxiliary of Chimaltenango, was killed in the presence of two of his children, allegedly by a member of military intelligence G-2. Two other human rights workers in Chimaltenango, Mario Colo Martinez and Manuel Chavez Zunun, were killed the same day. Since the killing, his family have continued to receive death threats from the alleged perpetrator.

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