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UA 220/94 - El Salvador: death threats / fear for safety: Carlos Molina Fonseca, Juan Jeronimo Castillo, Eduardo Tomasino, Jesuit Priests of the University of Central America (UCA)

, Index number: AMR 29/008/1994

Those listed above have reportedly been subjected to death threats by the "death squad" Comando Domingo Monterrosa on 6 June 1994. Carlos Molina Fonseca and Juan Jeronimo Castillo are members of a governmental investigative commission, known as the Grupo Conjunto, created to look into alleged political killings by "illegal armed groups". Eduardo Tomasino, as President of the National Council of the Judiciary, is in charge of judicial reforms. Jesuit priests of the UCA have been outspoken in their condemnation of human rights violations in El Salvador.

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