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El Salvador: further information on death threats / fear for safety

, Index number: AMR 29/003/1996

Adrian Esquino Lisco, Nahuat Indian, Maximiliano Bran Garcia: AI has learned that unidentified armed men fired weapons at the house of Maximiliano Bran Garcia on 27 January 1996 while repeating their threat against Adrian Esquino Lisco.

EXTERNAL AI Index: AMR 29/03/96
1 February 1996
Further information on UA 06/96 (AMR 29/01/96, 10 January 1996) and follow-up
(AMR 29/02/96, 29 January 1996) - Death threats / Fear for safety
EL SALVADORAdrián Esquino Lisco, Nahuat Indian
Maximiliano Bran García
Amnesty International has learned with deep concern that, at midnight on 27
January 1996, unidentified armed men returned to the residence of Maximiliano
Bran García in Las Hojas, department of Sonsonate, and fired their weapons
against his house while repeating their threat against Adrián Esquino Lisco.
At the same time, another group of armed men is reported to have gone to Adrián
Esquino's house in San Román and to have also fired their weapons as a warning.
Adrián Esquino was not at this house during this incident. Witnesses say that
the men, who had painted faces, exploded a hand grenade outside the house.
These latest attacks come only days after a similar incident in which
unidentified armed men told Maximiliano García hat there would be another
bloodshed like the one in 1983 and that they would kill Adrián Esquino Lisco.
Amnesty International remains seriously concerned for the physical safety of
Adrián Esquino Lisco and his family and urges the Salvadorean government to
guarantee their safety against any possible attacks on their lives.
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes/airmail
letters in Spanish or in your own language:
- expressing extreme concern at the continuing death threats against Adrián
Esquino Lisco, other members of ANIS and their families;
- urging the Salvadorean authorities to take immediate measures to guarantee
the safety of all the members of ANIS, including the residents of their
communities in Sonsonate;
- calling for steps to be taken immediately to identify those responsible for
the death threats and to bring them to justice.
President of El Salvador
Dr. Armando Calderón Sol
Presidente de la República de El Salvador
Casa Presidencial
San Salvador
El Salvador
Telegrams: Presidente Calderón, San Salvador, El Salvador
Telexes: 20245 RS SAL; 20522 PRESS SAL
Faxes: (503) 271-0950
Salutation: Sr. Presidente / Dear President
Minister of the Interior
Lic. Mario Acosta Oertel
Ministro del Interior
Ministerio del Interior
Centro de Gobierno
San Salvador
El Salvador
Telegrams: Ministro Interior, San Salvador, El Salvador
Faxes: (503) 271-2484
Salutation: Sr. Ministro / Dear Minister
Attorney General's Office for Human Rights
Dra. Victoria Marina Velásquez de Avilés
Procuradora para la defensa
de los derechos humanos de El Salvador
9a. Avenida Nte. y Calle Poniente
Edificio Amsa No. 535, San Salvador
El Salvador
Salvadorean National Indigenous Association (ANIS)
Calle Obispo Marroquín,
Oficina Antigua Aduana Férrea 5-1
Sonsonate, El Salvador
Sr. Jefe de redacción
La Prensa Gráfica
3a. Calle Poniente No. 130
San Salvador, El Salvador
Sr. Jefe de redacción
Diario Latino
23 Av. Sur No. 225
Apartado Postal 96,
San Salvador, El Salvador
and to diplomatic representatives of El Salvador accredited to your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 25 March 1996.

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