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Cuba: Further information on arrest of Domiciano Torres Roca

, Index number: AMR 25/016/1993

Prisoner of conscience Domiciano Torres Roca is reportedly awaiting trial on a charge of "enemy propaganda" in El Pitirre Prison, San Miguel del Padron, Havana. After being held for 42 days at the headquarters of the Department of State Security (DSE) he was transferred to the forensic ward of the Havana Psychiatric Hospital, known as Sala Carbo Servia, although he is said to have had no previous history of psychological problems. It is not known how long he spent there before being transferred to prison. At the time of his arrest he was reportedly punched in the stomach and the mouth by police, and his state of health is said to have deteriorated. It is not clear whether he has had access to medical attention or to a lawyer since the time of his arrest.

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