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UA 247/93 - Cuba: prisoner of conscience / health concern / fear of ill- treatment: Luis Alberto Pita Santos, Jesus Chambes Ramirez

, Index number: AMR 25/006/1993

Two political prisoners, Luis Alberto Pita Santos and Jesus Chambes Ramirez, have reportedly been subjected to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Both prisoners have declared themselves to be "plantados", a form of protest in which political prisoners refuse to wear prison uniform and to obey prison discipline. Pita Santos, who has been on hunger strike since May, is said to be in very poor health. Although very frail he was reportedly picked up by a prison guard and thrown several times to the floor on 22 April. A former university professor, he is President of the unofficial Association for the Defence of Political Rights (ADDEPO), and is a prisoner of conscience. Jesus Chambes Ramirez was arrested in early 1992 for protesting against the government although the precise charge is unknown. Both prisoners are said to have been beaten.

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