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UA 57/94 - Cuba: fear for safety: Eugenio Rodriguez Chaple, Lazara Herrera Portelles and their two children

, Index number: AMR 25/003/1994

There is concern for the safety of Eugenio Rodriguez Chaple, the president of the unofficial Frente Civico Democratico (FCD), Democratic Civic Front, his wife and their two children. On 12 February a crowd of some 30 people reportedly forced their way into their Havana home and assaulted them. Lazara Herrera Portelles received blows to her shoulders, back and head and their daughter also received a blow to her ribs. When Eugenio Rodriguez later went to make a complaint at the police station, he was given a hostile reception. The family have been the object of repeated harassment in the past. On 23 November 1993 Lazara Herrera was detained and reportedly beaten by police. On 2 December Eugenio Rodriguez was beaten up by the occupants of two cars. There have also been two attempts to kidnap the children from their school.