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Further information on UA 402/92 (AMR 25/31/92, 18 December) - Cuba: fear of ill-treatment / legal concern: Gustavo Arcos Bergnes, Francisco Chaviano Gonzalez, Rene del Pozo Pozo, Angela Herrera, Alvaro Prendes, Vladimiro Roca, Paula Valiente

, Index number: AMR 25/002/1993

Paula Valiente, President of the Association of Mothers for Dignity, has been released and the sieges by pro-government crowds at the homes of the other above-named human rights workers and political activists have ended. Most are believed to have come to an end by about 19/20 December 1992. Retired army colonel Alvaro Prendes, whose home was under siege for several days, was subjected to a summary court martial in which he was deprived of his pension and military decorations and ordered to be evicted from his home. Others named above were reportedly attacked or had their property damaged.

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