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Colombia: Fear for safety

, Index number: AMR 23/106/2000

Paramilitaries have reportedly threatened to kill several people from the municipality of Cabrera, department of Cundinamarca. The mayor, Néstor Sánchez, and municipal human rights ombudsman, Joaquín Hernández, have also reportedly received death threats, and they and other political and social activists in the municipality are believed to be in danger. The names of other social and political leaders in Cabrera are: Josué ANCIZAR CRUZ, Demetrio GUERRERO, Carlos IVÁN DIMATE, Luis EFRÉN SÁNCHEZ, Octavio PARDO, Humberto BENAVIDES, Jorge VILLALBA; Enrique HIGUERA, Armando DÍAZ, Enrique YACOPÍ, Blanca Nelly BARBOSA, Ana Cornelia VARELA, Manuel GUILLERMO F., Pancho RÍOS, Jesús Ricardo SÁNCHEZ, Antonio MORA, Luis Eduardo RIVEROS, Víctor VARGAS, Diego DIMATE, Flaminio SANABRIA, Héctor MIKAN, Henry ROBAYO, Oliver FERNÁNDEZ, Guillermo GARCÍA, and Marceliano BELTRÁN.

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