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UA 397/94 - Colombia: extrajudicial executions / torture / fear for safety: Lucas Sepulveda, Jose Cayetano Sepulveda, Luis Antonio Villegas (killed); Ana Ilba Donado, Pedro Caldera and other inhabitants of La Carolina, San Alberto, Cesar department

, Index number: AMR 23/085/1994

Three members of the community of La Carolina were killed and another tortured on 20 October 1994 by men believed to be members of the army or paramilitaries working with them. The men went to Ana Ilba Donado's home and asked for her but abducted her youngest son, Luis Antonio Villegas, as he was the only one there. They then broke into Jose Cayetano Sepulveda's house and abducted him. Both men were then reportedly tortured and killed. The men then forced entry into the house of Lucas Sepulveda, president of the Communal Action Council and killed him in front of his family. Another man, Pedro Caldera, is reported to have been tortured and warned not to denounce the killings. AI fears for the safety of Ana Ilba Donado, Pedro Caldera and indeed of all civilians in the region.

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