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Further information on UA 201/92 (AMR 23/34/92, 16 June) - Colombia: torture / legal concern: Samuel Fernando Rojas Motoa

, Index number: AMR 23/073/1992

AI remains concerned about the reported torture in military custody of trade union leader Samuel Fernando Rojas Motoa. He was detained on 4 June 1992 by members of the B-2 intelligence unit from the Ayacucho Batallion in Cartago, Caldas department. While detained incommunicado he allegedly suffered torture, mock execution and death threats. The Commander of the Ayacucho Batallion has denied that he was tortured and said that he was detained because he was a member of "an antisocial group who kidnapped a pilot ...". He also insists that Samuel Rojas was brought before a judge after only four hours of detention. This version of events is refuted by Samuel Rojas in his formal complaint to the Regional Procurator, part of which is reproduced here.

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