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Further information on UA 55/94 (AMR 23/20/94, 17 February) - Colombia: extrajudicial executions / fear for safety: Jose del Carmen Balcedo, Ciro Blanco Caceres, Adolfo Calderon Florez, Jose Alexis Fuentes Guerrero, Juan Lozano Gonzalez, Fructuoso Rincon

, Index number: AMR 23/071/1994

According to reports the Procurator General's Office has charged nine soldiers belonging to the General Gabriel Reveiz Pizarro Battallion, based in Saravena, for their part in the extrajudicial executions of nine people (not ten as previously reported) in the community of Puerto Lleras on 3 January 1994. The victims are believed to have been peasant farmers killed in retaliation for a guerrilla attack. The soldiers have also been charged with the ill-treatment and illegal detention of several hundred other civilians.

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