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Colombia: A further exchange of views with the Colombian Government

, Index number: AMR 23/069/1991

This document continues the exchange of views with the Colombian authorities which was presented in papers earlier in 1991 (AMR 23/20/91 and AMR 23/37/91). It consists of a letter from the Colombian Minister of the Interior, dated 28 August 1991, which criticizes Amnesty International for giving a "false picture" of human rights problems in Colombia, followed by a letter from the Secretary General of AI to the President of Colombia which expresses grave concern that new measures to improve the investigation of human rights abuses have produced few results. This letter mentions specific cases, including the "disappearance" of Benedicto Cubides, the killing of Alonso Lara Martinez and his wife and the killings of several people in Fusagasuga.

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