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UA 370/93 - Colombia: possible extrajudicial execution / fear for safety: Pedro Carvajal

, Index number: AMR 23/064/1993

A witness has described how on 22 September 1993 members of the Batallon Luciano D'Elhuyart arrived at his smallholding in the Betulia municipality. He said that soldiers interrogated him about guerillas in the area and threatened to kill him and his seven-year-old son. The soldiers reportedly tied three campesinos (peasant farmers) to a tree, Pedro Carvajal, Jorge Torres and Nolberto Quintero, and threatened them. The soldiers also threatened another witness and other campesinos not to relate what they had seen. The body of Pedro Carvajal was found the next day in Montebello reportedly showing signs of torture and mutilation.

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