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Colombia: Fear for safety

, Index number: AMR 23/061/1999

Alfredo Molano, Alejandro Reyes Posada, Patricia Lara, Arturo Alape, Fabricio López, Aliro Uribe, Javier Giraldo, Gabriel Izquierdo, Héctor Mondragón, Hernando Hernández, Jaime Caycedo, Pablo Elías González, Alvaro Leyva Durán, Omar García, Libardo Ramces Pinilla Rueda, Jose Galvis, Nolasco Presiga, Gregorio Oviedo Oviedo, Gilberto Medina and Alfredo Colmenares Chia and Jairo Enrique Rojas Pulido. Amnesty International is gravely concerned for the safety of those named above, whose names are on a lista negra, blacklist, circulated in central Bogotá on 23 August 1999. In the present human rights crisis in Colombia, such lists are public death threats and have frequently been followed by attacks on those named.

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