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Colombia: Further information on fear for safety: Domingo Rafael Tovar Arrieta, Jorge Ortega Garcia; and new names: Cesar Carrillo, Alvaro Solano, Fredy Pulcio, Nicodemus Luna, Hernando Hernandez, Ramon Rangel, Luis Galdino, Rafael Cabarcas, Alfonso Marti

, Index number: AMR 23/061/1995

AI continues to be concerned for the safety of the 23 men above, after a letter threatening to kill 22 leading trade unionists and a member of the Colombian Congress was delivered to the offices of the Worker's Trade Union in Barrancabermeja, Department of Santander. It was written by a paramilitray group operating in the region. Among those threatened are Domingo Rafael Tovar, Jorge Ortega and Luiz Garzon of the United Confederation of Workers' Executive Board and Hernan Mota Mota, the only Patriotic Union senator in the Colombian Congress.

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