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Colombia: Apparent extrajudicial executions / "disappearances"/ fear for safety

, Index number: AMR 23/058/1996

Killed: Jesus Salvador Cardozo Puentes, tradesman, 28, Jorge Eliecer Cardozo Puentes, farmer, 38, Aurelio Lindarte Prado, 35, Jaider Uriel Cardenas Ardila, 8, Alirio Quintero Trillo, tradesman, 35, Huber Antonio Ascanio Abril, 26, Neemias Duran Perez, 26; "Disappeared": Giovanni Garcia, Mari Elsy Salgado (f), Suli Leal Salgado, 13, Gerardo Arevalo, Noel Duran Perez, Nohemi Duran (f), Olfen Quintana Sanchez and one unidentified person: On 26 October 1996 a group of 60 heavily armed men wearing army-issue uniforms are reported to have entered the community of Media Luna, municipality of San Diego, in the department of Cesar killing six people and abducting seven others, one of whom, has since been found dead.

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