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UA 334/93 - Colombia: legal concern / fear of torture: Hector Munera Lopez, Joaquin Guillermo Vidales

, Index number: AMR 23/053/1993

According to reports Hector Munera Lopez and Joaquin Guillermo Vidales, both community leaders from the district of La Madre de Segovia, were arrested on 17 September 1993 by troops from the Bombona Battalion. A further 240 people were also detained as inhabitants of the towns of Segovia and Remedios, in Antioquia department, staged a civil strike in protest at the poor road access and the worsening human rights situation. Although most were later allowed to return home, the two men named above are still believed to be in detention, and the 140 people of Barrio Madre de Segovia have had their movements restricted.

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