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UA 315/92 - Colombia: possible extrajudicial executions / fear of extrajudicial executions: Hector Audelo Chaparro, Reynaldo Riveros Chaparro, Ismael Amaya, Rosa Alvarado, Manuel Abella, Humberto Preciado, Dario Bonilla

, Index number: AMR 23/052/1992

Hector Audelo Chaparro, Reynaldo Riveros Chaparro and Ismael Amaya were killed on 2 October 1992 in the community of Toquilla, municipality of Aquitania, Boyaca department, in circumstances suggesting extrajudicial execution. A military patrol reportedly arrived in Toquilla with a list of 10 people they wanted to capture. The soldiers reportedly searched several houses without warrants and detained the three men referred to above whose bodies were found later. Before leaving the town the patrol reportedly painted slogans claiming that the killings had been carried out by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, a guerrilla organization. This is disputed by local inhabitants. There is concern for the safety of the remaining seven people on the list.

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