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Further information on UA 183/92 (AMR 23/29/92, 3 June) - Colombia: fear of torture / "disappearance": David Giraldo, Edgar Granada

, Index number: AMR 23/030/1992


EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AMR 23/30/92
Distr: UA/SC
4 June 1992
Further information on UA 183/92 (AMR 23/29/92, 3 June 1992) - Fear of
COLOMBIA: David GIRALDO, aged 33
Edgar GRANADA, aged 16
Amnesty International has learnt that the detention of David Giraldo and Edgar
Granada has now been acknowledged and they have been presented before a judge.
There had been serious concern for their safety when their detention by the
armed forces was denied.
David Giraldo and Edgar Granada had been detained by members of the armed forces'
Mobile Brigade No. 2, Brigada Móvil No. 2 on 29 May 1992 in the village of
La Concha, muncipality of Yondó, Antioquia department. Their detention was
subsequently denied by the army and all efforts by their families and the local
human rights organization to locate them had been unsuccessful. Three other
people were detained by the Mobile Brigade No. 2 at the same time, of which
two were later released and the third killed in unclear circumstances.
Many thanks to all those who have sent appeals, no further appeals are necessary
at this time.

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