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UA 55/94 - Colombia: extrajudicial executions / fear for safety: Jose del Carmen Balcedo, Ciro Blanco Caceres, Adolfo Calderon Florez, Jose Alexis Fuentes Guerrero, Juan Lozano Gonzalez, Fructuoso Rincon Paez, Elizabeth Tabares

, Index number: AMR 23/020/1994

On 3 January 1994 an attachment of soldiers from the Reveiz Pizarro battalion reportedly killed ten civilians, including the seven people named above. All were members of the fishing community of Puerto Lleras, Saravena municipality, Arauca department. Witnesses report that the military then proceeded to make it look as though the villagers were guerrillas who had been killed in an armed confrontation. Following the killings, the remainder of the community were forced to lie face down for 24 hours, and were threatened with death if they disclosed what had taken place. There is concern for the safety of those remaining in Puerto Lleras. An investigation into the killings has been initiated by the Military Tribunal of Saravena.

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