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Colombia: Further information on possible "disappearance" / fear for safety: Miguel Enrique Olaya Pabon

, Index number: AMR 23/019/1995

There continues to be serious concern for the safety of members of the Movement for Civic-Community Integration of Pailitas, department of Cesar, following threats against Miguel Enrique Olaya Pabon. At about 10pm on 11 May 1995 he was reportedly talking with a friend on a bench in El Jardin park opposite his home in Pailitas, when four men dressed in civilian clothes and berets surrounded them. He recognized one of the men as a civilian army informer with Operational Command No 7; the other three were identified as soldiers. A local resident intervened and was threatened with a revolver. All three men managed to escape when another resident came out of her house. Miguel Enrique had reportedly been warned that his name appeared on a "black list" drawn up by the army. His name apparently appeared on the list because of his work with the Municipal Committee for Human Rights.

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