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Colombia: The killings of Rosalba Camacho and family

, Index number: AMR 23/019/1991

This document records Amnesty International's concern at the killing of the following members of the Camacho family: Rosalba Camacho, aged 60; Martin Vasquez, aged 62; Elizabeth Vasquez Camacho, aged 28; Josefina Vasquez Camacho, aged 24; Idali Vasquez Camacho, aged 16; Adriana (no surname given), aged 10. They were killed on 22/23 February in the farming community of Montoso, municipality of Prado in southern Tolima Department. Mourners at the funerals of the Camacho family, as well as police spokesmen, claim to have seen an army truck in Prado on the day of the murders. Rosalba Camacho was a member of the Partido Comunista Colombiano (Communist party of Colombia). She had been threatened before, and two of her sons had been killed in 1990.

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