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Colombia: possible extrajudicial executions / fear for safety: Pedro Pablo Vera Porras, Leonidas Tapiero Maken, Jose Aldemar Delgado Castillo, Celestino Benavides, Maria del Carmen Quinones Prince

, Index number: AMR 23/016/1995

There have been reports that during April 1995, 19 people have been killed in the region of San Alberto, including the five named above. The most recent multiple killing occurred on 22 April on the farm Tokio, in the area of Los Tenidos, La Llana, when approximately 15 heavily armed men in military combat uniform broke up a meeting of some 40 smallhold farmers and labourers. The gunmen, allegedly from the Autodefensas Campesinas de Colombia, a well-known paramilitary group, used a list of names to segregate the above named, who were then abducted. Their bodies were discovered later the same day.

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