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Further information on UA 271/92 (AMR 22/11/92, 21 August) - Chile: death penalty: Mauro Gonzalez Quispe, Rene Larico Aguilar, Lisbert Fausto Mamani Morales and new name: Rafael Escorza Henriquez

, Index number: AMR 22/013/1992

AI has learned that President Patricio Aylwin commuted the death sentences against Mauro Gonzalez Quispe, Rene Larico Aguilar and Lisbert Fausto Mamani Morales to life imprisonment on 26 August 1992. However, AI is deeply concerned about reports that Rafael Escorza Henriquez was sentenced to death on 21 August 1992 on charges of illicit terrorist association, relating to the kidnapping of the son of the owner of El Mercurio newspaper. Four others allegedly involved were sentenced to life imprisonment. Under anti-terrorist legislation enacted in 1991 there is no appeal before the Supreme Court; the death sentence is now before the Santiago appeals court, the last instance of appeal.

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