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SANDEAN 06/92: Chile: Judicial investigations into "disappearances": the case of Alfonso Chanfreau Oyarce

, Index number: AMR 22/012/1992

The Chilean Supreme Court is expected soon to decide whether the investigation into the "disappearance" of Alfonso Chanfreau Oyarce in 1974 should be transferred from the civil courts to a military court, where it could possibly be closed on the basis of the 1978 Amnesty Law. Military Judge General Hernan Ramirez Rurange requested on 11 August 1992 that the case be passed to a military court on the grounds that a number of military officials had been interviewed by Special Investigating Judge Gloria Olivares. AI is concerned that if the Supreme Court decides in favour of a transfer to the military courts, attempts to clarify the fate of Alfonso Chanfreau and establish crimnal responsibility for his "disappearance" will come to an end.

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