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UA 337/93 - Chile: arbitrary killings / torture and ill-treatment / death threats: Jose Octavio Araya Ortiz, Sergio Leopoldo Calderon Beltrami, plus ten demonstrators and two witnesses

, Index number: AMR 22/005/1993

The two people named above were killed, at least four others were seriously wounded, and scores of others were arrested in Santiago on 11 September 1993 following confrontations with police during demonstrations to mark the twentieth anniversary of the 1973 military coup. There is further concern that at least ten of those arrested were allegedly tortured and ill-treated by police, in many cases at the 9th Carabineros police station. One detainee, shot and wounded with plastic ammunition, reportedly did not receive immediate medical attention and was repeatedly beaten and kicked. Most of those arrested were later released. Two witnesses to the killing of Segio Calderon were allegedly threatened and the daughter of one of them was subject to an attempted kidnapping.

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