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Brazil: Death threats / fear for safety: Caio Ferraz and his family, Elias Lizardo da Cunha, Vigario Geral residents

, Index number: AMR 19/025/1995

AI has received reports of death threats and harassment by members of the police against Caio Ferraz, the administrator of Casa de Paz in the Rio de Janeiro favela of Vigario Geral. There are also fears for the safety of Elias Lizardo da Cunha, another resident of Vigario Geral, following a reported attempt on his life on 28 October 1995. Fears for the safety of the residents of Vigario Geral, particularly members of Casa de Paz, have been heightened by reports that in recent months armed police have made several incursions into the favela and carried out searches in the Casa de Paz, for which no reason has been given.

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