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UA 312/92 - Brazil: torture / fear of "disappearance" / fear for physical safety: Roberto Carlos Da Costa, Natalino Jose Batista

, Index number: AMR 19/025/1992

Roberto Carlos Da Costa, aged 18, and Natalino Jose Batista, aged 16, were last seen on 10 September 1992 at Vila Nova York, Sao Paulo city, Brazil. Roberto Carlos Da Costa had been detained in April 1992 and allegedly tortured by the military police. After his release he denounced the torture to the Public Prosecutor for Children and Adolescents of Sao Paulo and an inquiry was opened. He reported being shot at from an unidentified car at the end of August. On 10 September he and Natalino Jose Batista went missing; their families have been unable to find any trace of them. AI is also concerned about attacks on a human rights centre which has taken up Roberto's case, the Centro de Defesa da Crianca e do Adolescente Monica Paiao Trevisan.

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