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Brazil: Fear for safety

, Index number: AMR 19/016/1997

Marcelo Denaday, lawyer; Luiz Renato Azevedo da Silveira, state prosecutor: There is grave concern for the safety of the above men who are currently investigating the murder of Carlos Batista de Freitas, a case linked to the Scuderie Detetive le Cocq (SDLC), a police organization, elements of which allegedly operate along the lines of a "death squad" in the state of Espirito Santo. On 12 June Marcelo Denaday was shot at while driving home with his family; the bullets hit the windscreen but nobody was hurt. Luiz Renato Azevedo da Silveira has been investigating the activities of the SDLC for a long time, but his request for police protection was recently turned down.

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