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Further information on UA 311/90 (AMR 19/22/90, 26 July and follow-up AMR 19/24/90, 30 July) - Brazil: legal / medical concern: Valdo Jose da Silva, Maria Divina da Silva Santos, Sandra de Oliveira Souza, Getulio Joaquim da Silva, Raimundo Alves de Olivei

, Index number: AMR 19/003/1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AMR 19/03/91
Distr: UA/SC
7 February 1991
Further information on UA 311/90 (AMR 19/22/90, 26 July, and follow-up AMR
19/24/90, 30 July) - Legal/Medical Concern
BRAZIL:Valdo José da Silva
Maria Divina da Silva Santos
Sandra de Oliveira Souza
Getulio Joaquim da Silva
Raimundo Alves de Oliveira
João Vieira Cunha
Altair Piana
Raimundo Jardim Siqueira
Gerson Alves do Santos
Francisco Rodrigues de Freitas
Wilmar Mendes dos Santos
José Amancio de Souza
Sebastião Jorge Dias
Marcelo Silva de Freitas
Atanagildo Mattos (Gatao)
José Galvao
In July 1990 Amnesty International issued an Urgent Action on behalf of the
above mentioned people. The action reflected Amnesty International's concern
at reports of acts of violence committed against peasant families during a
police operation at the Fazenda Jandaia. UA participants were asked to write
calling for full inquiry into the alleged ill-treatment and beatings of Maria
Divina da Silva and Sandra de Oliveira Souza, who was pregnant, and of the
other people held in detention. All those who were detained were eventually
released. Appeals were also requested seeking assurances that any evidence
extracted as a result of beatings or any other forms of duress should not be
admitted in court proceedings.
On 29 January 1991, the International Secretariat received a letter from
the Sociedade Paraense de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos (SDDH), Society for the
Defence of Human Rights in the State of Pará. The following are extracts from
that letter:
"Dear Friends,
We would like to inform you with great happiness that we have come to the end
of a terrible problem within our region; the case of Jandaia Ranch.
We would like to thank Amnesty International for the marvellous dedication
it gave to this problem and for disseminating it to the rest of the world.
Here in Marabá we received more than 100 letters from countries from every
continent..... all sending copies to the Brazilian authorities. This is a
beautiful and extremely useful example of international solidarity. Besides
having helped us enormously with solving our problem, it fills us with happiness
and emotion to know that we are not alone and that our concerns about justice,
human rights and peace are echoed with resonance and human sensitivity in many
places of the planet. This gives us great strength to continue.
Thank you, A.I.
(Signed) Marcelo Silva de Freitas. SDDH, Núcleo Marabá"
No further action is required. We are very grateful to all those who
appealed on their behalf.

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