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UA 53/94 - Brazil: torture / medical concern: Manoel Delfino Felix da Silva, Pedro Vieira de Araujo, Manoel Divino Alves da Silva, Osvaldo Duarte da Silva, Valdemir Alves da Silva, Josemar Cantuario de Oliveira

, Index number: AMR 19/002/1994

There is concern at reports that the six peasants named above have been subjected to torture and ill-treatment. There is also concern that they are being denied adequate medical attention. The first five were arrested on 23 and 24 January and are currently held at Colinas do Tocantins police station. Josemar Cantuario de Oliveira was detained on 26 January in Conceicao do Araguaia, Para state, and is currently held at Guarai police station, Tocantins state. It is alleged that he was severely beaten and tortured there, and has been denied proper medical attention for a bullet wound to his leg. Manoel Delfino Felix da Silva was taken to hospital with pains in his head and body. The arrests relate to investigations into the killing of a local councillor in a conflict over land tenure.

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