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Further information on UA 123/94 (AMR 13/03/94, 29 March; and follow-up AMR 13/03/94, 18 May) - Argentina: death in custody / death threats: Diego Rodriguez Laguens, and new name: Dr Federico Alfredo Hubert

, Index number: AMR 13/006/1994

Dr Federico Alfredo Hubert continues to face intimidation in the course of his work as lawyer for the family of Diego Rodriguez Laguens, who was allegedly beaten to death in police custody in San Pedro, Jujuy in February 1994. A judicial investigation is being held into his death in the city of Jujuy. However, the court hearings are being held late in the afternoon and Dr Hubert has expressed fears that he may be attacked while travelling at night on the road between Jujuy and his home in Salta. His home has also been under surveillance from unmarked cars. These incidents follow death threats issued in March against Dr Hubert, Mabel Cristina Laguens de Rodriguez, and the independent forensic expert investigating the death in custody.

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