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Argentina: The outstanding debt: Amnesty International's continuing concerns on the fate of the "disappeared"

, Index number: AMR 13/005/1992

Following the decision to open files held by the Argentine State Information Secretariat on Nazi war criminals resident in Argentina, relatives of people recorded as "disappeared" have been urging the government to open police and military archives which, they believe, contain details of over 9000 cases of "disappearance" during the "dirty war". President Menem met the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo on 15 July 1992, who demanded a thorough investigation into the cases of children missing following the abduction or killing of their parents. After the meeting President Menem announced the upgrading of the National Human Rights Directorate to the rank of Subsecretariat. AI is urging the authorities to disclose the information allegedly available in the security force archives.

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