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Democratic Republic of Congo: "Disappearance":

, Index number: AFR 62/042/1997

Antoine Nkurunziza, Abimana Ngurukiye, Cyrille Botwamunyu and one child, Marthe Senwankuru (f), Susanne Kagabo (f), Claude Nsengiyumva and five children, Laurent Butoyi (f) and one child, Jean Habimana, Jean-Louis Habimana, Vincent Habimana, Maryse Habimana (f), Marie Bizimanyara (f), Zanardia Silikio (f) an two children, Jeanne Lirangiwe (f) and one child, Ida Dushimirimana (f), Dorothee Harerimana (f) and two children, Alois Kaihura, his wife amd two children: These Rwandese refugees and members of their families were "disappeared" in November 1997 by members of the security forces in Kisangani.

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