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Democratic Republic of Congo: Further information on torture / fear of torture

, Index number: AFR 62/028/1997

Bertin Lukanda, human rights activist, Diomba Ramazani, NGO worker; and new name: Dieudonne Asumani, NGO worker: AI has received information of the release of Berti Lukanda and Dieudonne Asumani on 8 September 1997. Both are recovering from their ordeal in detention, as is Diomba Ramazani.

EXTERNAL AI Index: AFR 62/28/97
15 September 1997
Further information on EXTRA 112/97 (AFR 62/24/97, 13 August 1997) and follow-up
(AFR 62/25/97, 15 August) - Torture / Fear of torture
DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (DRC)Bertin Lukanda, human rights activist
Diomba Ramazani, NGO worker
Dieudonné Asumani, NGO worker
Amnesty International has received confirmation of the release of Bertin Lukanda
and Dieudonné Asumani (corrected name), believed to have taken place on 8
September 1997.
Sources in the DRC report that Bertin Lukanda was dangerously ill on release
from detention, after having been severely beaten and starved. His release
was allegedly ordered by a high-ranking military official in Kinshasa. He
is now recovering from his ordeal in detention.
Dieudonné Asumani was also reportedly beaten in detention, but he is reported
to be recovering from the ill-treatment, as is Diomba Ramazani.
No inquiries into the allegations of torture are known to have taken place.
Many thanks to all who have participated in this action, which is thought to
have contributed to the release of the three men.
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send a final round of letters in
French/English or in your own language:
- welcoming the release of the three men named above, but expressing grave
concern at reports that they were tortured and ill-treated. Urge that an
inquiry establish the facts of their arrest and detention and those responsible
for human rights violations such as torture be identified and brought to justice.
Head of State
Son Excellence
Laurent-Désiré KABILA
Président de la République
Présidence de la République
Democratic Republic of Congo
Salutation: Monsieur le Président de la République/Dear President
Commandant Anselme Masasu NINDAGA
Chef d’Etat-Major de l’AFDL
Ministère de la Défense
BP 4734
Democratic Republic of Congo
Salutation: Monsieur le commandant / Dear Commander
COPIES TO: diplomatic representatives of DRC accredited to your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 16 October 1997.

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