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DRC: Torture/legal concern: Laurent Kantu Lumpungu

, Index number: AFR 62/016/1999

Laurent Kantu Lumpungu, president of the Association des cadres pénitentiares (Association of Prison Officials) was arrested on 29 May 1999 while on duty at the capital's main prison, the Centre pénitentiare et de réeducation de Kinshasa,(CPRK). He was reportedly whipped after he was taken to the main police station. Hassan Kabengele, Lubanzila, Lubanzila, Bikuta Vital, Felly Mawila,Vianga Mwana, Joel Mafuta, Simon Mbengi, Baseya, Mampasi and Gerard Lukoki members of the opposition political party Union for Democracy and Social Progress were also allegedly whipped at the IPK.

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