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Further information on UA 138/93 (AFR 62/05/93, 27 April) - Zaire: "disappearance": Kenge Mukengeshayi, and new names: Kandolo Mulumba, Babibango, Muboyayi

, Index number: AFR 62/008/1993

Mukengeshay Kenge, previously believed "disappeared" is reportedly being held at Makala prison in Kinshasa. After being held for five days in secret detention, he was referred to the public prosecutor on 28 April 1993, on the grounds of propagation de faux bruits (spreading of false rumours), but the exact charge is unknown. On 30 April the court decided he should be released immediately, but the Procurator General went against the judgement and signed a warrant for his his provision arrest. Another journalist, Mulumba Kandolo from Le Potentiel newspaper was arrested on 28 April 1993, accused of having stolen a letter from the chambers of the Procurator General. He is also detained at Makala prison, along with a court clerk, Babibango.

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