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Zaire: Appeal by Amnesty International to the new Prime Minister

, Index number: AFR 62/003/1994

This report follows two earlier documents issued by AI (Zaire: Violence against democracy, September 1993 and Zaire: Collapsing under crisis, February 1994) in which AI appealed to the Zairean authorities and the international community to make urgent efforts to restore the rule of law in Zaire. In this report AI welcomes the measures announced by the new Prime Minister, Mr Kengo wa Dondo, to deal with the crisis currently gripping Zaire. Nevertheless, AI remains concerned about the human rights situation. Violations continued during the early months of 1994. For example,in June, Pierre Kabeya, a journalist, was found dead. His death appeared to be linked to an article he was due to publish, dealing with killings in which the security forces were allegedly implicated. No investigation of his killing has apparently been carried out. Other examples of abuses in 1994, including after the accession of the new government, are also described.

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