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Zaire: Death penalty

, Index number: AFR 62/001/1997

Captain Kange, Captain Mosolo, Captain Mboko, Second-Lieutenant Otongo, Warrant Officer I Kini, Warrant Officer Swangi, First Sergeant-Major Malibizi, Sergeant Eokongole, Sergeant Bokumu, Sergeant Mulelwa, Corporal Nwasa, Corporal Kikuna, Corporal Ngoma, Corporal Atolo: On 21 January 1997 a court-martial sitting in Kisangani, sentenced the 14 soldiers named above to death. The tribunal found them guilty of cowardice during the recent fighting in eastern Zaire. They are reported to have been represented by legal counsel during the trial, and have been given 24 hours in which to appeal. Further details about the trial are not known.

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