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Zaire: Collapsing under crisis

, Index number: AFR 62/001/1994

This paper updates AI's concerns in Zaire since the publication of a report in September 1993 which highlighted the deteriorating human rights situation there. Further violations, including imprisonment of political opponents and political killings, were reported in the last months of 1993. Those killed included a Catholic priest, Father Mukoma and two former army colonels and advisers to Etienne Tshisekedi, Felix Mbayi Kalombo and Lambert Tshitshimbi Katombe. AI is concerned about the detention and harassment of journalists and opponents of President Mobutu, including Kalala Mbenga Kalao, Celestin Kandolo Mulumba and Michel Luya. Political opponents arrested include Denis Kiriza, Amisi Molisho and Deo Kambale (UDPS) and PDSC member Ferdinand Chimanuka.

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